What Happens in Each School?

School social workers (SSW) meet with LevelUp Kids’ staff to determine their annual availability.

  • Notification is sent to all families in each school that our dental and vision teams are coming soon

  • SSWs identify families who qualify and help them complete the required paperwork.

    • We offer a paperless online registration process.

    • Online and paper forms are also offered in multiple languages.

  • SSWs partner with our staff to create the students’ appointment schedule, notify teachers, and coordinate the arrival and departure of students.

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How Miles of Smiles Operates

  • Portable equipment and supplies are stored in special suitcases.

  • Our van transports our team and equipment to each school.

  • Schools provide a room for the dental equipment and staff to use for approximately two-to-three weeks.

  • We use schools’ electricity while providing our own water source.

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how icare4kids operates

  • Students leave class for approximately 15 minutes and visit the nurse’s office for a vision screening with the “Spot.”

  • Screening results are printed and sent home with the student.

  • Our staff and school nurse determine which children need a comprehensive eye exam, based on screening results.

  • Children who meet our income guidelines are scheduled for eye exams to be completed in our mobile unit.

  • Children in need of glasses are provided with two pair of eyeglasses within three weeks of their eye exam.

Thanks to these businesses for sponsoring our equipment van!